Earthy Awareness

The Empty Promise


A legacy, going by the Oxford English Dictionary, is something left to someone in a will, or handed down by a predecessor. Considering our assumed possession of all we can see on this planet, there isn’t much left to pass on, frankly.

All we can give our future, is empty promises and the tools to explore (and exploit) the rest of the Universe. Dying with the stain of blood on our hands, we can only inspire the young to destroy what hasn’t already been compromised.

The Earth would’ve been decimated long ago, if only humans could multiply like bacteria (doubling every 9.8 minutes). The horror of numbers can be fully realised if one visualises termites the size of humans, eating away a sphere of wood, which is the Earth.

The luxury of technology has, and will remain to be the root cause of the permanent haze that has wrapped itself around us, clouding our judgement and robbing us of our tomorrow. Short – lived pleasure has always been man’s undoing. The rising pollution seems to have dimmed the light needed for us to see further than today, and ourselves.

Corporate giants are the extreme cases of prospectors in search of short – term profit. Cashing in on the rising blindness among consumers, they sell your tomorrow at unbelievable prices.

Mankind has fallen to such lows, that buying death at he cost of a car is seen as a bargain of sorts. The incalculable loss incurred by the denizens of the Blue Planet, is testimony to a highly evolved sense of greed. Nothing can limit the insatiable needs of Earth’s dominant species, not even the (theoretical) possibility of parallel Universes, and the riches held within.

The rise of a certain species to dominance has gone by the maxim of "Survival of the Fittest". And the end of their reign is characterised by the emergence of another, more developed life – form, or the case of ‘Evolving Out’. The latter is relevant, thanks to our shift from Nature worship to "Advertised Theism".

This age of consumerism has quickened the demise of our sanity. The maddening rise of prices has coincided with the inflation of needs per capita. The floundering value of stocks is a direct repercussion of our desperate consumerism. A worldwide crisis, ranging from shortage of food and habitable space, to economic depression and rarity of the very air we need to breathe, awaits us.

If our actions are any indicator to the days ahead, the picture we’ve painted on the wall is pretty bleak. If Darwin is to be believed, evolution, however snail – paced, has its way. We are just pawns on a giant chessboard, where the players are beyond our comprehension and the stakes are as high as they get.   


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