About the Change

As both an engineering student and one who has lived in different political and climatic environments, putting events into perspective is something that I feel a must-do to get forward. The massive misuse of water in the Arab region, to the lack of resource dispersion in the Indian subcontinent are things that once accounted for, give reasons for the temporal sensation of imbalance felt by the masses. The many issues that we are facing today and will do in the future would be because of world lines that we created in the past (and are converging to a smaller set of future possibilities) without foresight and vision.

Corporation continue to dredge, mine and displace the planet in pursuit of nearsighted rewards. Each unveils a green initiative not to cut it’s destructive operations (and hence profits), but to increase brand value. In an age where only the cover gives weight to an idea, no initiative is pursued to a true end. This calls for awareness of the farce that is being paraded for ‘A Call to Olive Leaves’ (in the vein of a call to arms).

‘Change is Right’ is my attempt to bring in awareness from scientific, speculative and revolutionary standpoints. Some of the topics covered are just suspicions on the possible methods of how things may turn out to be, but being a realist, no possibility can be eliminated till it’s time has passed.


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