Earthy Awareness

With Great Power

In the present age, man does not have any difficulty in adapting to new environments. In fact, his survival has risen above the times of ‘adaptability’ to how well he can modify his environment to suit him.

Just as Spiderman realised in the famous comic strip – ‘With great power, comes great responsibility’, the situation being graver, has brought a greater responsibility on man’s shoulders to reinstate the repose on Mother Earth, which he has disrupted from the time he began his insane quest for ‘development sans frontiers’.

In the path of development none, save a few fortunate species have weathered the storm. Man now has the power to modify and destroy. Nuclear weapons have proved the point, that even if life on Earth doesn’t end naturally, man can do it single-handedly. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Deeper still, you have large-scale pollution and contamination of all possible media. In a few years, dumping rubbish into space may as well become a reality (if not already).

Exploration and discovery on Earth is almost futile. For all we know, useful species of animals and plants have been annihilated by us for want of more ‘living space’. We being the Earth’s dominant species, have the responsibility of safeguarding the innocent species. Instead of doing so, several extinctions actually owe themselves to us.

We still have time to make amends and realise our responsibility. If we have pushed the boundaries of science and technology for the sake of maniacal development, there is no harm in pushing them further for the sake of restoring tranquillity and harmony on Earth.

Thinning of the ozone layer, global warming, poaching, contamination, and added to them, radioactive waste being dumped near habited land and chemical pollution are some of the highlights of man’s villainous role-play on the screen of the Earth.

Nature has Her own way of eliminating the less favourable beings. The dinosaurs died out, as they were too big. We too, may die out if we are too ambitious. It is a universal truth that man’s curiosity and thirst for experimentation cannot be quelled. But should this be quenched at the cost of our home, the Earth?

As P. B. Shelley said, ” …If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” Somehow peace should be restored on this planet. But do we figure in Nature’s plan for spring?